Call to Action Day

  • April 20, 2018
  • Statewide


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Statewide Call-in Day 

Stand with us in solidarity on April 20 and make a call to your local elected officials asking them for their support on House Bill 110. Even if you have made a call before, regardless of how many times you’ve spoken with them, please make a call or write a personalized email on April 20th. 

Delaware doesn’t have voter initiative like the other 8 states + D.C. that have legalized for adults 21 and older...making direct contact with your elected official is the ONLY way the law is going to change in Delaware. Please take a moment today and make this important call.

Here is an Example of What to Say:
•Hi My Name is _________, and I’m from __________, Delaware. I’d like to leave a message for Representative _____________ asking them to vote ‘Yes’ on HB 110, to legalize cannabis for adults 21 and older. 

*You can choose one of the following for a supporting statement.*
House Bill 110 will:
•Immediately save the State and Taxpayers over $20 million dollars annually in law enforcement and criminal justice costs by ending the unnecessary arrests of otherwise law abiding citizens.
•Directly protect over 100,000 Delaware adults from arrest, and threat of being subjected to the criminal justice system.
•Reduce the strain on the criminal justice system and prison system.
•Create Economic Development by legalizing one of Delaware’s most lucrative cash crops. 
•Legalize 2 already existing industries – cannabis market and cannabis accessories market while greatly benefiting many other industries, such as real estate, restaurant, hotel, entertainment, tourism, legal, construction, HVAC, electrical, consulting, and more.
•Create many cannabis industry jobs in diverse fields, including Small Business, Agriculture, Management, Sales, Administration, Laboratory, Accounting, Security, and more. 
•Stimulate agricultural growth, especially in rural Kent and Sussex Counties. 
•Generate substantial revenue and help Delaware close the budget deficit.
•Directly fund schools and education, evidence based treatment programs for heroin and other drug addiction, and education for drug abuse prevention and intervention. 
•Stimulate the local Delaware economy in a much needed way including increase property value and demand. 
•Significantly reduce crime and violence associated with the criminal market and “Turf Control”.
•Help law enforcement focus on real public safety and crimes with actual victims. 
•Help reduce teen use with robust We Card programs, which has also reduced the use of alcohol and nicotine in Delaware.
•Help reduce opiate overdose fatalities and addiction to hard drugs. 

**Things to Know: 
✔️If you call after 5pm, you will leave your message on a voicemail, rather than with the receptionist, like during the day. 
✔️Make sure to identify yourself as constituent from their district.
✔️Keep your message brief.
✔️Please remember to be respectful to the person answering the call, and thank them for leaving your message.
✔️HB 110 is awaiting a vote on the House floor, so we are focusing on contacting our Representatives, but it still needs to pass the Senate, as well, so we ask that you contact them both your Representative and your Senator.
✔️Don’t know who your elected officials are? Instruction on looking up your elected officials:
•Go to
•Type Your Address in the ‘Who is my legislator?’ search field
•Click "Find My Legislator" 
•Use the Contact info Below to Contact your Elected Officials to vote 'Yes' on HB110

**TAKE ACTION: Call or Email Your Local Representative and Senator Now. **
(**(S)** Means they are a sponsor of HB 110. Call them and thank them for their dedication to common-sense cannabis reform.) 

District: 1 Wilmington North - Charles Potter Jr. (D) 744-4351

District: 2 Wilmington East - Stephanie T. Bolden (D) 744-4351 .us

**(S)**District: 3 Wilmington South - Helene M. Keeley (D) 744-4351

District: 4 Wilmington West - Gerald L. Brady (D) 744-4351 577-8476

District: 5 Bear/ Newark - Melanie George Smith (D) 744-4126 or 577-8476

**(S)**District: 6 Bellefonte, Claymont - Debra J. Heffernan (D) 744-7351 s

District: 7 Highland Woods - Bryon H. Short (D) 744-4297

**(S)**District: 8 Middletown - S. Quinton Johnson (D) 744-4351 s

District: 9 Townsend, Odessa, Port Penn - Kevin S. Hensley (R) 744-4171

District: 10 Talleyville Sean Matthews (D) 744-4351 or 577-8476

District: 11 Clayton Jeffrey N. Spiegelman (R) 744-4171 or 577-8723 s

District: 12 Fairthorne Deborah Hudson (R) 744-4171 or 577-8723

District: 13 Elsmere John L. Mitchell Jr. (D) 744-4351 s

District: 14 Rehoboth Peter C. Schwartzkopf (D) Speaker of the House 744-4351 Peter.Schwartzkopf@state.d

District: 15 Valerie Longhurst(D) House Majority Leader 744-4351 .us

District: 16 New Castle - James Johnson (D) 744-4351

District: 17 Pennwood Michael P. Mulrooney (D) 744-4351 or 577-8476 .us

District: 18 Newark David Bentz(D) 744-4351 or 577-8476

District: 19 Newport, Stanton Kimberly Williams (D) 744-7351 .us

District: 20 Milton Stephen T. Smyk (R) 744-4321

District: 21 Middle Run Valley Michael Ramone (R) 744-4108 or 577-8723

District: 22 Pike Creek Valley - Joseph E. Miro (R) 744-4171 or 577-8723

**(S)**District: 23 Newark - Paul S. Baumbach (D) 744-7351

**(S)**District: 24 Newark - Edward S. Osienski (D) 744-7351 s

**(S)**District: 25 Newark South John A. Kowalko Jr. 744-4351

**(S)**District: 26 Newark John J. Viola Leadership: House Majority Whip 744-4351

District: 27 Glasgow Earl G. Jaques Jr 744-4142 or 577-8476

District: 28 Smyrna - William J. Carson (D) 744-4113

**(S)**District: 29 Cheswold W. Charles Paradee (D) 744-4351

District: 30 Harrington William R. "Bobby" Outten (R) 744-4083 398-3816

**(S)**District: 31 Dover Sean M. Lynn (D) 744-4351

District: 32 Dover Andria L. Bennett (D)744-4351

District: 33 CHARLES S POSTLES JR (R) s

District: 34 Dover South Lyndon D. Yearick (R) 744-4171 387-2510

District: 35 Bridgeville David L. Wilson 744-4150 422-9270

District: 36 Milford Harvey R. Kenton (R) 744-4171 or 422-6155

District: 37 Georgetown Ruth Briggs King (R) 744-4251 856-2772 s

District: 38 Selbyville Ronald E. Gray (R) 744-4171

District: 39 Seaford Daniel B. Short (R) House Minority Leader 744-4172

District: 40 Laurel Timothy D. Dukes (R) 744-4171 or 280-6344

District: 41 Millsboro Richard G. Collins (R) 744-4171or 381-1610

District 1: WILMINGTON N. Harris B. McDowell III (D) (302) 744-4147 s

**(S)**District 2: WILMINGTON E. Margaret Rose Henry (D) 744-4191 MargaretRose.Henry@state.d

District 3: WILMINGTON W. Robert I. Marshall (D) (302) 744-4168 s

District 4: SHARPLEY Gregory F. Lavelle (R) (302) 744-404

District 5: ARDEN Catherine Cloutier (R) (302) 577-8517 catherine.cloutier@state.d

District 6: LEWES Ernesto B. Lopez (R) (302) 744-4136

District 7: ELSMERE Anthony Delcollo (R) us

**(S)**District 8: NEWARK David P. Sokola (D) (302) 744-4139

District 9: STANTON JOHN WALSH (D) (302) 744-4163

District 10: MIDDLETOWN Stephanie Hansen (D) (302) 744-4138

**(S)** District 11: NEWARK Bryan Townsend (D) (302) 744-4165

District 12: NEW CASTLE - Nicole Poore (D) (302) 744-4164

District 13: HAWK'S NEST David B. McBride (D) (302) 744-4167

District 14: SMYRNA Bruce C. Ennis (D) (302) 744-4310

District 15: MARYDEL David G. Lawson (R) (302) 744-4237

**(S)** District 16: DOVER SOUTH Colin R. J. Bonini (R) (302) 744-4169

District 17: DOVER - CENTRAL Brian J. Bushweller (D) (302) 744-4162 us

District 18: MILFORD F. Gary Simpson (R) (302) 744-4134

District 19: GEORGETOWN Brian Pettyjohn (R) (302) 744-4048 s

District 20: OCEAN VIEW Gerald W. Hocker (R) (302) 744-4144

District 21: LAUREL Bryant L. Richardson (R) (302)

Phone:  (302) 404-4208


Delaware CAN

PO Box 1625 

Dover DE, 19903

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